Having age spots is not a big deal unless these spots have bad effect on someone’s self-confidence. These spots can lower someone’s self-confidence because they mostly appear on the areas that can be seen by others such as the face, shoulders and hands. And by their name you can understand that as you grow old they will multiply. There is no a thing that you can do about aging process and usually the first signs are large, brown spots.

Maybe you can’t fight the aging process but there are certain things that you can to eliminate the aging spots from your skin. With following ne simple trick you can prevent the occurrence of aging spots.

First of all you should know why is triggering the appearance of those spots. The major contributor to the occurrence of brown spots is excessive exposure to sunlight and UV rays. If you enjoy tanning, and you spend quite some time doing that, melanin will appear in your body much quicker. And melanin is what makes your skin dark when you are out on the sun, but after the tan disappear there will be left brown splotches on every area that was mostly exposed to the sun because the melanin has been overactive in those areas.

It does not mean that having age spots will turn eventually into cancer, but you should still be careful.

You should not ignore if you have funky borders around the spots, if there are any growing spots or the ‘old’ one is changing, if the brown spots are becoming red or tender, and if the spots are different in color (especially if some are much darker than others). If you notice some of the mentioned signs you should immediately visit a doctor.

How to eliminate age spots?

And as we mentioned you can eliminate the age spots with one simple trick. You need fresh onion juice and organic apple cider vinegar. The best thing about this solution is that it is really easy to prepare.

Start with dicing a fresh onion. Next you should transfer the bits into Ziploc bag and pulverize them using a blunt surface. After that, pour half a cup of organic apple cider vinegar into a blender and add the onion and blend well until you receive a smooth texture.

How to use it? – Just soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the affected areas. Do this method every day for two to four weeks.

Onion is popular to have antioxidant properties and that will reduce free radical damage and that will actually protect the outer skin layer. And apple cider vinegar will remove dead skin layers since it has alpha hydroxyl acids in it.

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