I was forced to sleep with Cambridge University students when I was just 14, claims former ‘sex slave’

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The unnamed woman said abusers targeted young girls with low self-esteem
The girls were taken to a bar where men picked out the girls they preferred
She said they were taken to flats nearby to be violently abused for long period
A woman has claimed she was forced into sex slavery at the age of just 14 – and made to sleep with Cambridge University students.

The unnamed woman, who grew up in Cambridge and is now in her 50s, says her abusers targeted girls with low self-esteem, the Cambridge News reports.

She said her abusers groomed the young girls by buying them alcohol and drugs – but violence was used to control them.

The woman also said that they suffered violence at the hands of some of the men who paid for sex, including undergraduates from the prestigious university.

The men would meet the girls – of which she was the youngest – in a now-closed city centre bar and pick which girl they were interested in.

The majority of men were well off and would pay to abuse the girls for lengthy periods of time.

But they were taken to flats where men lined up to ‘do what they liked with us.’

She described the undergraduates who paid for sex as ‘rich students who you could tell were training to be politicians and saw themselves as very privileged people.’

She added: ‘There was a lot of gang raping and really violent men. It was really quite horrible, especially for underage girls.’

One man hurt her so badly that she ended up in hospital.

‘I had a chance to think about what was going on, and I decided to run away,’ she said.

She fled to Manchester after deciding that she needed to get away from Cambridge.

‘I thought I should either kill myself or run away. I went to Manchester and it kind of changed my life,’ shje said.

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