TO FAST TOO FURIOUS Ferrari supercar worth £200,000 destroyed after ploughing into front garden and leaving a trail of destruction

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The 458 Spider left a roundabout, crossed the pavement and ended up wedged in a bush in Bath, Somerset

THESE shocking photographs show the trail of destruction caused when a Ferrari supercar ploughed into the front garden of a suburban house.

The Ferrari 458 Spider, worth around £200,000, left a roundabout, crossed the pavement and ended up wedged in a bush

A £200,000 Ferrari left a trail of destruction in its wake when it crashed into a back garden
It knocked down two bollards was quite badly damaged during the smash in Bath, Somerset, at 7.40am on Saturday.

The homeowner, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “My husband and son were awake and heard the crash.

“It woke me up and I ran straight down, checked the driver was OK, phoned police and made driver a cup of tea.

“The driver said the throttle stuck on and he couldn’t slow down to take the roundabout.

“He lost control and went across the pavement, flattened two bollards that the council put in and went through all my recycling and rubbish – luckily not a person.”

Police attended the scene and the Ferrari 458 Spider was later recovered around 12.30pm.

The woman added: “It’s a main walkway from Batheaston to Bathford.

“Even at the early time of the crash, there were joggers, people walking dogs, people walking to work.”

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